Drawing upon a minimalism take-on style, the brand embodies newness in ready-to-wear with modernity and ease. Focusing on tailoring and contemporary designs, intertwining perfect touch, cuts, impeccable quality with shape and structure. The Dropped Collection will infuse timeless and modern drops every season. A capsule wardrobe with its own vision of the modern day essential. Unparalleled timeless pieces, with exceptional craftsmanship. The label is all about expectation coupled with an appreciation of the craft, its design and aesthetic. The brand brings back the view on the fashion element, the timeless piece in our modern world. The apparel, the cut and the quality is our statement delivering today’s classics with a twist: unconditional dedication to clean lines and modern timeless flair.

TDC Woman

We speak to all women, proposing pieces that are wearable today, and will be wearable tomorrow. The TDC woman is independent, youthful, modern. She explores the world and take inspiration from other women. She appreciates structured apparel that enhances her silhouette and body. Our woman is in pursuit of always elevating her standards, and by all means, is sharp and focused, bold and confident. While she finds herself in her personal journey and lifestyle, she also expects her garments to speak for herself. The TDC woman is every woman.

Vision and values

With having up to 2 drops a season, each drops will be a re-interpretation of the modern day essential with no reproductions, respecting a zero waste policy: all the excess will be recycled for our future collections to sustain quality pattern. Quality over quantity is key, and this is why The Dropped Collection will serve the purpose to offer just what’s essential, and nothing more. Our sustainable approach will be backed-up by a partnership with a New York based recycling company known to pursue and implement a zero waste policy by recycling unused or excess pattern. Becoming a fully sustainable brand, is a vision we look up to for the near future. This is how we believe our craft will become timeless due to the silent and subtle luxury. We are drawn to the idea and aesthetics of minimalism as it corresponds to our society needs, inspirations and expectations. In line with our approach, our products have a durable and luxurious feel to them, bringing the highlight to the purity of the product. Upmost care and detail are in order within our house with strict ethical practices and a limited production approach: minimal variations of style in order to stick to the idea of creating a simple experience for our consumer.